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A warm welcome to amlwch Town Council’s official website, we hope you will find the site informative and beneficial.

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A warm welcome to Amlwch Town Council’s official website, we hope you will find the site informative and beneficial. The website is owned by the Town Council and will be maintained by the Town Council on behalf of the residents of Amlwch

The site contains information about the Town Council, local resources and relevant links. If you need to discuss, anything to do with the website, then please contact the office

The town of Amlwch has had a council representing the interests of the local community for well over 100 years. The council is one of 735 community councils based in Wales.

Amlwch Town Council normally consists of 15 individuals hailing from the local community who have either been elected or co-opted onto the council, together with a full-time Town Clerk who attends all meetings.The Council usually meets on the evening on the 4th Tuesday of every month in the council chambers at Lon Goch at 7pm.

Amlwch Town Council

These meetings are open to everyone, although it must be noted that members of the public are not permitted to contribute directly to the meetings. However, individuals or groups are welcome to make personal representations by prior arrangement or through written correspondence.

Elections for positions on the council take place every four years but can also occur when a vacancy arises and more than one person expresses an interest in becoming a member. The Council also has the right to co-opt additional members.

Unlike County Councillors who represent areas (wards) within the local authority, Community Councillors receive no re-numeration in relation to their roles and activities and therefore give their time and efforts freely.

The Council does however receive annual funding via the local authority (Ynys Môn) County Council in order to fulfill its responsibilities and obligations. These duties are varied and wide ranging and include the provision and upkeep of local amenities such as parks, playgrounds, cemeteries and local buildings, local signage, scrutiny of planning applications and the provision of input and opinion regarding local authority related decisions.

The Town Clerk additionally plays an essential administrative and advisory role, ensuring that council members are kept fully informed in relation to all local, regional and national related activities.

The Council elects a Chair, Vice Chair and individual members to serve on various sub-committees and external bodies at their Annual General Meeting (AGM), which is usually held in April. A comprehensive list of these smaller groups and their elected representatives can be found on the ‘Councillors page’.

The council also elects individuals to represent itself within various other community interest groups and organizations such as school governing bodies, advisory organisations, youth groups and health and tourism related organisations.

The Council additionally regularly employs various companies and individuals to undertake routine maintenance and cleaning duties associated with the amenities that it is responsible for, such as parks an gardens.